Team members: LaRhonda Darden, John Oxton, Pat Burke, Paula Foote, Hector Hernandez, Norma Garay, and Linda Rowland

This event took a total of 264 hours to complete.


  • Cleaned out unneeded items stored in the QA Lab.
  • Cleaned out all needed items in QA Lab (for relocation).
  • Cleared out unneeded items and unused gages from the Eagle acquisition in QA Dimensional Inspection Area.
  • Removed the pegboard full of visual samples.
  • Removed unneeded files and documents in QA Filing System.



  • Organized retained items in QA Lab and QA Dimensional Inspection Area.
  • Segregated and labeled the majority of gages used for inspection.
  • Moved an additional worktable to the QA Lab to aid in streamlining the first part inspection process.
  • Moved optical comparator, two (2) gage storage cabinets, and layout binder cabinet.
  • Labeled items and areas in the QA Lab.
  • Organized filing cabinets in a logical manner.
  • Labeled files and file drawers.
  • Segregated SPC paperwork to area where inspection is completed.



  • Painted the QA Lab walls, shelving and inspection table.
  • Painted the QA Die Casting Workstation.
  • Repaired and painted the carts used for Final Inspection Areas.



  • Standardized the documents and equipment needed for first part inspections.
  • Standardized the SPC documents needed in their specific areas.
  • Arranged and labeled gages.
  • Standardized QA files.



  • Revised QA Weekly Check Sheet to include inspections of items covered in the QA 5S event.