Team members: Jorge Chavez, Maribel Juarez, Callie Watts, Kent Frame, Terry Pille and Travis Criss

This event took a total of 212 hours to complete.


  • Removed everything from storage cabinets
  • Removed all unnecessary items and red-tagged
  • Removed all unnecessary items from work benches
  • Removed all unnecessary items from mill cabinet
  • Removed all unnecessary items from Metal Lax cabinet
  • Removed all scrap metal from metal rack


  • Organized storage cabinets and Utilized storage bin system in cabinets
  • Moved Bridgeport Mill
  • Moved die repair work benches in die repair area to allow for more room
  • Made needed repairs to Bead Blast unit and area
  • Moved personal work benches on south wall to allow for more room
  • Moved saw closer to metal rack for easier and safer use
  • Moved bulletin boards to allow for easier use
  • Made a fixture rack for porosity machining fixtures on Summit lathe
  • Replaced curtains to entry of tool room for better vision and improved safety


  • Cleaned walls
  • Scraped and Cleaned floor
  • Cleaned and Painted equipment, tables and cabinets
  • Cleaned fan next to die repair area and exhaust fan to tool room


  • Painted traffic lines on floor
  • Labeled all cabinets and bins
  • Revised Tool Ticket files to match the files in Quality Assurance
  • Updated and laminated information and charts for tooling on bulletin boards


  • Incorporated changes made during 5S event into weekly 5S tour



  • More storage space in the cabinets.
  • Labeling makes it easier to find items.
  • Creating more work space in the die repair area allows for more than one person to work in the area and also makes it safer.
  • Cleaning and painting helps make the department orderly and brighter.
  • Partition at bead blast prevents dust from settling into Die Cast Dept. storage areas.