Die Casting Tooling Development

The goal of Texas Die Casting’s tooling development program is to build tools that produce quality castings that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, perform at maximum efficiency, and achieve the maximum tool life. This is accomplished through design review meetings involving our customer’s engineering and quality departments, our toolmakers, and our internal team members. We assist our customers directly with casting design to eliminate existing or potential quality issues associated with part design. We also manage and oversee the design of all tooling projects with our toolmakers to ensure that tools are built to meet our customer’s needs as well as Texas Die Casting’s specifications. Our core team consists of experienced, long-term management members that have over 100 years of accumulated experience in aluminum die casting. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you to fulfill your tooling and casting needs.


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Key Points of Tooling Development Program

      • Thorough design review of casting to identify solutions for potential or existing quality issues, and to offer suggestions for castability, metal savings, etc.
      • Manage and oversee all aspects of tooling projects to ensure that casting meets or exceeds customer’s expectations, and that tools are built to Texas Die Casting’s specifications.
      • Mold flow capabilities (performed by outside supplier).
      • Vacuum assist for castings with stringent porosity requirements.
      • Team concept for casting and tool design. Decisions are based on team consensus, not one individual’s opinion.
      • Unit die capability for lower volume parts.  Unit dies are built to run in Texas Die Casting’s unit holders.
      • Utilization of both domestic and overseas tooling suppliers.
      • Stress relief program for die cast tooling to maximize tool life.