Texas Die Casting opened in Gladewater, Texas in 1984 with a 28,000 square foot manufacturing facility. With hard work, outstanding quality and dependable service we have expanded our facility to 75,000 square feet and have tripled our manufacturing capabilities.  In additional to manufacturing die cast parts TDC provides a variety of finishing operations including: drilling, tapping, turning, boring, milling, sanding, shot blasting, vibratory finish and more.

An ISO 9001:2015 registered company, TDC considers your quality and service needs as our primary goal.  Our quality department utilizes the most up-to-date equipment to ensure that our customers receive the quality they expect and deserve.  Surface finish, density, alloy composition and dimensional accuracy are closely monitored to maintain our customers’ specifications.

Mission Statement:

The mission of our empowered team at Texas Die Casting is to provide products and services which exceed customer expectations, increase market share, achieve a favorable return on investment, and have fun during the process.

Quality Policy:

It is the quality policy of Texas Die Casting to provide our customers with products and services that comply with requirements while meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations for performance and reliability at a competitive cost.  We are committed to customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.


  • Increase sales and reduce costs.
  • Encourage a “Yes We Can!” attitude.
  • Ask for Help, Help when asked.
  • Practice “Lean Principles” and “Theory of Constraints” for continuous improvement to enhance our partnership with customers, suppliers and team members.
  • Recognize that change is enevitable; seek positive change.
  • Train and empower to increase throughput and reduce waste.
  • Develop and utilize scoreboards in all areas for continuous improvement.  What gets measured gets improved.
  • Utilize TOC five step method to resolve constraints.
  • Increase safety awareness through training and eliminate safety hazards to achieve zero injuries.  OSHA SHARP Program.
  • Enhance the quality of life by blessing others.

 Business Ethics Policy